WebWarp is a Chrome extension that started out as 'Pinkify', which changed the background of any website's body to pink!
We were instantly asked to add more colours, and other effects, so we launched WebWarp!

It is based on the idea that Internet content is primarily aimed at men, so the Internet should be pink to compensate!

Credit goes to Amanda Rive, who's brilliant idea spawned this development!

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All Versions

Version 1.0 (aka 'Pinkify') Download!
Version 1.1 Renamed to 'WebWarp'
Fixed Bug where bg wasn't pink when you changed address
Added on/off switch
Version 1.2 (Current Version) Added Colour Options
Bug Fixes

Planned Updates

  • Ability to exclude certain URLs (maybe entire websites/domains)
  • More Effects (possibly as Easter Eggs)

Copyright © Jack Cannon 2010-2011
WebWarp logo designed by Chris Lucas